99.99% Reliability With Glenwood Telephone

Residential Landline Phone Service

Perfect for Everyone

Your Landline Phone Is Your Lifeline

Whether you depend on your phone as a lifeline, a key element in running your business, or as a constant contact with family members, Glenwood has reliable phone service that is perfect for everyone.

Top 5 Reasons To Get a Landline

  1. Because you want to keep your family safe.
  2. Our 911 service has address recognition.
  3. Quality – We have mandated 99.999% reliability.
  4. You want a great voice conversation all the time.
  5. When the power goes out, the conversation doesn’t.


Our residential package: 
  • Residential Access Line – $19.95

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Office Locations

Blue Hill

510 W Gage St.
Blue Hill, NE 68930

Phone: 1-866-756-4746
Email: info@gtmc.net


145 S 10th St.
Geneva, NE 68361

Phone: 1-866-756-4746
Email: info@gtmc.net


119 S. 13th St.
Hebron, NE 68370

Phone: 1-866-756-4746
Email: info@gtmc.net


821 Fourth Ave.
Holdrege, NE 68949

Phone: 1-866-756-4746
Email: info@gtmc.net


716 Nebraska 92 Scenic
Lemoyne, NE 69146

Phone: 308-355-2391
Email: info@gtmc.net


356 E. Third St. Suite 2
Superior, NE 68978

Phone: 402-207-1762
Email: info@gtmc.net