Route 48

Glenwood is excited to announce that your home is part of our Route 48 Project, which will bring a fiber-to-the-home infrastructure to your rural area!

This means you’ll have the latest in telecommunications technology and will have a broadband connection to do so much more. Plus, you are the first in the area to get this type of advanced service.


Here’s just a snippet of some of the Internet benefits:

  • Download a full quality HD movie in seconds!
  • Download an audiobook in less than 10 seconds!
  • Stream your Netflix or Hulu content seamlessly with no buffering!
  • Work remotely with an instant connection to your VPN without lag time!

With affordable rates, you can receive even more speed, and it will be with a fiber Internet connection from Glenwood. By receiving service from a trusted company, you’ll feel assured you’re receiving the best possible Internet from a provider who has more than 100 years experience in the technology industry.


Want the reliability of a secure home phone connection? Add Glenwood’s landline phone service to your package! For a low monthly rate, you’ll enjoy the convenience and security only a home phone can offer.

How do I take action?

To ensure you are a part of our exclusive Route 48 Project, all you need to do is contact us!

Call 866-756-4746 or complete the form below.

Route 48 Contact