Business Class

Business class Internet is not your standard Internet connection. Delivered via fiber, this class of Internet brings your business to the forefront of Internet technology. Most businesses today rely heavily on the stability and speed of their Internet connection and you need a partner who will be there to assist when needed.

Glenwood has invested in rural Nebraska businesses so that you can compete locally and globally. Whether you need high amounts of bandwidth, higher upload speeds, dedicated bandwidth or Ethernet transport, we can help. Call or email us today.

Dedicated Symmetrical Bandwidth

When the Internet is mission critical to your daily operations, get a dedicated, guaranteed connection rate for uncompromising business traffic.

Scalable solutions. You may have a lot of employees or you may utilize data intensive and mission critical Internet applications such as video conferencing. Dedicated Internet is your very own “pipe” that is carved out for your use only. This means no network congestion, secure access, and traffic issues.

Speed and bandwidth that never waver. Glenwood Fiber is dedicated, symmetrical access. That means you always get the same upload and download capacity across your Internet access connection.

Our Fiber. You’re connecting to Glenwood’s own local fiber network that connects to national providers who can take you to Denver and Chicago. You won’t find many providers who have installed, spliced, and maintained their own fiber network, like Glenwood has. With local service and support you can be sure to have the best network available, with the fastest repair response times.

Keep your employees productive and satisfied. Think about how much your company’s productivity can be increased or how much your Internet bandwidth needs continue to grow. Glenwood’s fiber Internet scales to keep price and responsiveness in balance – just a call and you can dial it up. With a fiber optic solution, we can easily keep the technology on pace with your needs.

Ethernet Transport

The Best Way to Connect all Your Business Locations

Glenwood fiber transport allows you to cost-effectively connect multiple locations together by combining the simplicity of Ethernet with our reliable fiber network. Now you can securely extend the reach of your network without the cost and complexity of traditional network technologies.

Cost-Effectiveness. Glenwood Ethernet transport delivers high-speed, Ethernet connectivity that allows your business to employ the latest technologies across multiple business locations. Ethernet can provide a higher bandwidth value than legacy technologies such as frame relay.

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