To The Home

Over ten years ago Glenwood began the process of installing fiber in the rural areas, to ensure all Glenwood customers could access DSL Internet. A few years later we began the process of installing fiber to every home and business in our telephone area. This project was completed in 2009. In 2010, we began installing fiber to the rural customers. This project is scheduled to be completed in 2015. Once complete all Glenwood Telephone customers will have fiber service to their home or business.

Glenwood fiber customers will have access to the most reliable and affordable telecommunication network available today. Fiber has a higher bandwidth capacity than copper lines and can easily transmit traditional applications like telephone, television, and internet, with plenty of capacity left over for applications in the future.


Fiber to the Home
Bladen – Blue Hill – *Campbell – *Funk – *Holstein – Lawrence – *Norman – *Roseland – *Upland

* Indicates town and rural fiber is complete.

Fiber Broadband
Hastings – Holdrege – Minden – Superior

The communities listed above currently have Glenwood owned fiber optic service available. However, we will always consider new fiber builds. We have partnerships with several other fiber Internet providers who can assist us in getting connections from Denver to Chicago and beyond. If you would like assistance with fiber connections please contact us here.

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