Long Distance

Glenwood Long Distance PhoneGlenwood long distance gives you a quality connection every time you want to make a call. When you want to make a business call, you want assurance that you’ll get a clear connection with uninterrupted service. With either option you get a quality product, backed by our exceptional customer service and local support.

By The Minute Plans

  • $.15 per minutes
  • Rate good anytime
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum requirements
  • Billed in 6-second increments (with a minimum of 18 seconds)
    • Other Company’s round up to a full 60 seconds
  • Rate applies to anywhere in the United States

PIC Freeze

A PIC Freeze allows you to lock in your long distance provider and requires permission from the name on the account to change that long distance carrier. Signing this document prevents a carrier from requesting a change on your behalf or without you knowing. Contact the business office to request an authorization form.