Phone Systems

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When you are looking to buy your next telephone system, the two most important things to consider are the quality of the system and who you’re buying it from. At Glenwood, we take great pride in offering the latest technology, backed by exceptional service and support. We have more than 50 years of telephone experience and we are located right here in central Nebraska.

Whether you have a small retail operation or a multi-site corporation, our staff can provide a multitude of solutions ranging from traditional voice systems to fully integrated Voice over IP technology.

Buying a new system is an important business decision; so trust in the home-town experts at Glenwood. Contact us today or click request a quote below.

VOIP Telephone Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP), the compelling technology that allows voice to travel over data lines, can help your business grow. By combining the reliability of traditional telephone systems with the flexibility of network connections, VoIP will improve the communications that drive your business, delivering enhanced customer satisfaction, increased productivity and an improved bottom line.

Glenwood has always provided you with powerful telecommunications products to help your business grow. Our multi-site phone systems are no exception. This system offers exceptional functionality without expensive add-ons. You know you can depend on Glenwood to provide you with all the latest communications products. Sign up today and see what we’ll do tomorrow!


How it works.
Glenwood phone systems tie together across your wide area network (WAN), or the Internet, so they operate seamlessly as one system. Normal telephone traffic between locations is converted to data packets that are transmitted over your high-speed data connection. Additionally, your phone systems are constantly sharing data and instantly updating user status information about employees in each of your locations.

Increased Productivity
All your employees become part of all of your offices. Users can intercom or transfer a call to anyone else in the network. They can initiate a page to any system in the network. They can also retrieve parked calls and even access their own voice mail – from any system in the network – no matter where they are.

Greater Customer Service
Whether on a local, regional, or national level, your employees get the tools to work together more efficiently to increase your customers’ satisfaction. Callers are easily routed to the personnel who can best help them – no matter where the callers or the employees might be.

Cost savings
Day-to-day intra-office communications between your locations travel over your data network, eliminating long distance charges and helping you reduce the number of local lines – providing significant cost savings on monthly charges.