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Virus and Spyware Help

Internet threats such as viruses, spyware, and adware are a common cause of many Internet problems. Below we will provide information to help you become familiar with these threats, software recommendations, and tips to help protect your computer from infection. All the software listed below is effective and free to use.


Why is virus protection important?
Computer viruses are an increasing threat and new viruses are released every day. Some viruses may cause severe computer problems or loss of data. Others will cause dramatic decline in your system performance. Antivirus software is critical and prevents your computer from becoming infected with viruses and other threats.

There are many antivirus solutions available for purchase or download. Below are a couple of free antivirus solutions available on the web.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an Antivirus tool that comes free with your computer and should automatically be turned on. If it is not turned on, here are the steps to turn it on.

  • Type Edit group policy in the search bar on the bottom left of your screen. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor in a new window.
  • Double click Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus. The setting Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus is underneath the folders of other settings.
  • Double click Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus and make sure it’s set to Disabled or Not configured.


What is spyware?
Spyware has become a major threat on the Internet. It runs in the background on your computer and can perform a variety of tasks. Spyware can monitor your browsing habits, generate unwanted pop-up advertisements, download additional unwanted software or even report Internet usage information to hackers or other sources. Spyware can cause your computer to slow down, crash, or not start up at all. Running an anti-spyware program regularly will help keep your computer clean of these programs.

Installing SuperAntiSpyware

  • Go to
  • Click on the Download Free Edition button on the right side of the page.
  • Click Save File if needed or wait for the file to automatically download.
  • Go to your downloads folder and double click the program to open it.
  • Click Next and I Agree.
  • Choose either Anyone who uses this computer or Only for me.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next to skip email updates.
  • Uncheck both of the boxes and hit Next.
  • Click Finished to complete the installation.
  • Decline the Professional version free trial.
  • Hit Scan This Computer to run a scan.

Installing Malwarebytes

  • Visit
  • Hit the blue Download Free button.
  • Check your Download folder, or search your computer for the Malwarebytes setup file, mb3-setup-consumer-x.x.x.xxxx.exe. Note that “x.x.x.xxxx” is the version number.
  • Open the setup file by double clicking on it. Next, Windows will ask if it’s okay to make changes to your device. Click “Yes,” then select your language.
  • When the Setup Wizard opens, click “Agree and Continue” to start installing Malwarebytes, or click “Advanced Options” to choose a different install location.
  • When installation is complete, click “Finish” to close the Setup Wizard.
    Malwarebytes is now installed and should launch automatically.

Installing TDSSKiller

  • Visit
  • Hit the red Download Now button.
  • Find TDSSKiller on the list and hit the Green .EXE button to download.
  • Find the downloaded program in your browser or downloads folder and open it.
  • Click Yes if asked for administrative permissions
  • Accept the terms and conditions.


What is Adware?
Adware is similar to spyware. Less malicious but perhaps just as annoying or harmful. If you see a lot of popup ads on your computer, it is likely be due to spyware or adware.

File Cleanup

Installing CCleaner

  • Visit
  • Click the green Download button at the bottom of the Free column.
  • Find the installation file in your browser or downloads folder and double click it to run it.
  • Hit Yes if you are asked for administrative permission.
  • Hit the blue Install button.

Installing Glary Utilities

  • Visit
  • Click the green Download Now button.
  • Find the installation file in your browser or downloads folder and double click it to run it.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Click I Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Hit Next.
  • Uncheck the Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program box.
  • Click Install.